Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Espresso and Ice Cream in Lacock

I'm taking a different angle on the coffee stop blog this week  - for rather than sharing a morning coffee experience with you, I'm reporting back from a sneaky evening coffee shot- with a side order of ice cream.

This week I'm in the beautiful, The George, pub in Lacock, Wiltshire. While obviously a pub, it also serves coffee throughout the day- and very good it is too.

This pub has fond memories for me, because it is where I used to come with my best friend from school when we wanted to escape our home town for a little while. Now, I find myself here, enjoying a lovely evening meal with my friends from the Wiltshire chapter of the Romantic Novelists Association. 

As a group, we meet every other month in the gorgeous location and share some much needed author chat. Writing folk definitely need to spend time with other writers. Let's face it- we are a weird bunch of folk, and need to off load our peculiar problems with each other at regular intervals! 

Despite having been here many times, so far I have resisted having a pudding after my meal - but on this time my resistance was low and I just had to try this...