Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Castle gazing in Exeter

On Saturday I found myself sat in the fantastic Café Espresso in Exeter, looking out onto the ruins of Exeter Castle, while sipping a delicious cup of coffee and waiting for my youngest child to complete a number of maths challenges during an open day at the Exeter Maths School. Obviously this makes me very proud- you have to be incredible good with numbers to even step a toe inside the school's rooms- but I am also (not for the first time) asking myself how this happened?

I am dreadful with numbers. I am- you might say- afraid of them. I don't trust numbers. Why does 4 plus 4 equal 8? Because someone once decided it did, that's all...I need a better reason than that!

Luckily for the world at large, I leave numbers well alone and concentrate on my words- but it baffles me that  I have produced two children how are both logical, mathematically delighted, and incredibly clever with digits. I never even managed GCSE maths! Having said that- I'm not complaining. Nor is my accountant, who is ever grateful for my daughters checking my figures for me!!

While I wait for my daughter to finish having fun with numbers, I'm sat in Café Espresso, gazing at the walls of Exeter castle, editing my next Imagine writing workshop- which just happens to be about setting fiction in history- or not!

I really like this café- the tables are quirky shapes, there is a wall of books you can buy, the menu is fabulous, the cakes are heavenly, and the service is excellent.