Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Camping it up at Merkins

I've been on my travels for the past two weeks, teaching writing workshops, attending conferences, and basically learning a lot about words. Naturally, on my travels, I stopped off for as many coffee stops as I could.

The first of these was the gorgeously quirky Merkins Farm Café near Bradford-on Avon in Wiltshire.

When I tell you that this café, on the edge of a camping and caravan site, but open to the public, is done out like a vintage style caravan, with separate berths, and period details, you will see why I say quirky. It really is a delightful spot- although not easy to find! I thought I'd be driving down country lanes forever- but the drive was worth it. The coffee is amazing, and the menu is perfect for the whole family.

I just love how happy this place is. It isn't very sunny outside, and yet it feels sunny inside. At the moment it's quiet, but I have heard that it can get really busy here their reputation for an excellent breakfast is spreading fast- and I can see why. It is going to take a lot of concentration for me to stick to the editing I've got with me, rather than tuck into a plate of egg on toast!

There is certainly a lot of inspiration in here- and if I ever decide to set a story in a 1920's-60's caravan park, then this is the place I'll come first!

Happy coffee sipping,



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