Welcome to September's news- Richard Dee - Author

Welcome to my newsletter for September 2017

Here's the latest news from Richard Dee
I was at Chilcompton Fringe Festival last week, in a field in Somerset, my first Fringe event as it happens.
We had a brilliant tent, far enough away from the stage to be heard, plus a sound system as well. I set up outside, along with everyone else and managed to sell a lot of books. I also gave readings from my books and held a workshop, a shortened version of my World Building Course. And I gave away quite a few short stories.
Incidentally, the World Building course is in development as an online course, to be hosted by Udemy. More details of that will follow, as soon as I have finished recording all the video and setting up the lectures.
I will also be appearing (if that's the right word) at the Bampton Charter Fair on October 26th 2017, in connection with the Exeter Authors Association.
My Steampunk novel
 A New life in Ventis 
is back from my editor again and now having another round of corrections. My cover designer will be doing her thing soon; I've put together a few ideas and a synopsis to get her thinking. When she has worked her magic it's just a case of getting all the pieces together for publication. The first of November is still looking good for release.

Not only that, I have a new book of Steampunk short stories to coincide with the release,
Available in eBook format only,
 Tales From Norlandia 
is a collection of some of the pieces I used to develop
 The Rocks of Aserol 
 A New Life in Ventis 
from.  At the moment there are 14 stories and Flash Fiction pieces in the collection, plus excerpts from both novels. The full details will be in next month's letter but as subscribers, you can expect a special offer on the advance copy.

And now I have a new project, my editor, who is responsible for the sequel (it was her suggestion), has told me that she thinks that a THIRD volume, dealing with another aspect of the story, would be a fine way to round things off!
In other news, my novel
is about to go to agents for their professional verdict. If they don't like it, I will edit and self-publish it next year.

This is the provisional back cover blurb.

"What no man has seen before."
Ballantyne Alysom is Galactographic! Magazine's most intrepid explorer, Davis Jansen is the cameraman he takes on his most dangerous expedition so far.
When things go wrong and the survivors of the group are stranded on an unexplored planet, Davis sees the real man behind the carefully constructed public face.
Now he has a choice, does the world need to know the truth? And which one's story will they believe?
And I have my NaNoWriMo project sorted. If you remember it's a challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel in a month. Last year I did Andorra Pett and in 2014 I did Ribbonworld. This project is tentatively called
 Life.., and other Dreams
, you may have seen the premise on my Facebook page recently. As usual, I hope to get to the first draft stage with it during November, I'm making plot notes as ideas come to me so with a bit of luck it will fill out as the month progresses. Here's a reminder of the basic idea.

When Rick dreams, he's Dan, exploring the planet Ecias with Vanessa at his side.
When he's awake he lives on Earth, works in advertising and has Cathy to come home to.
But what if his life with Vanessa was the reality? What would it mean if his life with Cathy was really the dream?
Accused of a murder in one world, he's stuck in the other, where his life is falling apart. He starts to wonder; if he had the choice; which one would he want to be real?
My blog for August featured interviews with some of the characters I have created, now as a new departure, I have a guest post to put up in September. I was approached by a stranger, she sent me an email and asked if I'd like an article she had written. I've tried to get more details of her, a website or any other information but there have been no replies to my messages.  I'll be posting it in September anyway.

And I'm opening a shop on my website; it's in the final stages of testing at the moment. I will initially be selling my newer work, starting with
 Jungle Green
, the sequel to my free novel
It's a full novel, priced at £1.49p, including VAT in the UK. It will be available in mobi and epub formats, depending on which e-reader you have. You can read an extract
As soon as I've finished testing the site and made sure that the payment and download system works, I'll be announcing the grand opening, with some special prices!
And that's about all for this month, keep up to date on my website at richarddeescifi.co.uk