Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Random Cups

Hello everyone. I hope I find you well, and that you are currently sat comfortably with a cup of something satisfying.

This week I am sharing some random coffee stops with you. Not all of the places I stop of coffee make it to this blog. Sometimes I'm simply not there long enough to write anything other times I'm out of the 'Phoenix' region, and sometimes I'm just enjoying a cuppa with my friends and family, and so am not 'officially' working. However, I've been taking pictures of my coffee cups for so long now, that I always take a photo of any beverage I'm about to drink! It's become a habit.

So, while I'm having a coffee break (as it were), I thought I'd leave you with a few of the coffee cups that didn't ever get a blog all of there own. This is no reflection on the coffee in question!

This delicious cuppa helped the words flow as I travelled from Tiverton to Penzance last month for the Penzance Literary festival.