Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel: Happy at The Honey Pot Cafe, Penzance

From Thursday to Saturday last week I was lucky enough to work as a guest author at the Penzance Literary Festival in Cornwall. Not only did this mean I had the opportunity to chat to fellow authors and readers, and teach creative writing, but that I could check out a large number of the towns many coffee shops.

With so many venues to chose from, I asked one of the festival chief organisers, Teresa Benison, where she'd recommend I went first. She gave me a whole list of places to try- top of which was The Honey Pot Café, opposite the Acorn Theatre, on Parade Street.

I have to say that all the coffee shops I went to were good (I will be telling you about them over the next few weeks), but this one stood out for me because it ticked every one of my 'writer in a coffee shop' boxes.

First, it was full of other creative types- not surprising this week, as the town is buzzing with writers and would-be writers alike. Second, it's a quirky little place, full of eclectic furniture and décor. Basically the place is stuffed with story inspiration triggers! Look at the these wonderful honey pots!