Have Americano and Pen...Will Travel : Retreating at the Tantivy


Well, I've been on an adventure this week.

As anyone who follows this blog will know, myself and my writer colleague, Alison Knight, recently began a creative writing business called Imagine. It is an exciting time, and I'm thrilled to say the business is growing by the week!

Last Wednesday Alison, her lovely husband Mike, and myself, headed onto the beauty of Exmoor in the search for a location to hold a week look writer's retreat next year. Naturally, we needed to stop for coffee on the way.

So today I'm reporting back from the lovely Tantivy in Dulverton. The coffee is organic, strong, and very good. (Lots of sugar or extra water required if you are not a strong coffee lover) The food is also top notch- and my Exmoor Blue toasted sandwich disappeared before I remembered I was supposed to take a photograph of it- sorry!

While we sipped our coffee (well two of us did, Alison is a peppermint tea girl), we discussed whether the house we had just visited- Northmoor House near Dulverton- was suitable for a week long writers retreat next spring. We were in total agreement- it would be fantastic!

Beautiful rooms, lovely kitchen, incredible grounds- lots of nooks and crannies and original Victorian features to inspire writers from beginners to experts....The question is, will be get another people who want to come and be our writing retreaters for a week? What do you think?