Phoenix Cic is a community interest company that has risen from all that is good! We believe as a community that being positive and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds is the best way to strengthen our local economy. By inspiring musicians, independent businesses, entrepreneurs, students and colleges, authors and all performing artists, we support the local talent of all genres and encourage businesses to book and employ people from their own postcode areas first, before casting their nets further afield.

Phoenix can be a booking agent for musicians and all other performance/entertainment artists, market traders, street food vendors, visual artists, public speakers and authors, event organisers, photographers, wedding planners, venues, video/film production crews and therapists. We support event organisers and promoters of all that is local and positive, spreading awareness of the importance of being as organic and green as possible in everything that we do.

Networking amongst our community and introducing like-minded folk creates more business and strengthens the environment we live in. Positive behaviour breeds positive outcome which we all need in these trying times of low incomes, high pollution, and business rates. As Independents, we do have the diversity & creativity to adapt as our environment changes with new trends and demands. We are not Government funded which gives us the freedom to support and create events, regenerate business and do what is needed quickly with Independent funds created from the network. Collaboration is Power!

We started out in October 2014 in Somerset to create a destination for all neighbouring counties and cities to visit or deal directly with our business and creative community.

In 2016 We crossed all our borders and invited WiltshireDorsetDevon, and Cornwall to join our Phoenix Networks!  We soon realised that doing business with the best of our neighbours brought new opportunities to all those positive Independents in the South West. Through extensive social media, we could highlight the great work the Entrepreneurs and Creatives are achieving within their own counties and give them a new platform to promote from #Phoenixvibe was unleashed!

We were then invited to the North of England  (so if you do not see your county on our network and would like to join please get in touch) and then across the Border where Phoenix Scotland was born!

So what you see is a growing Community working together to keep things local where possible and if going further afield they work with other like-minded individuals that support and promote Independent energies. Professionalism and passion come from those that have a good work ethic, which we can all stand by and promote. Collaboration strengthens the Positive energy of Phoenix which creates a strong platform for all that are part of!

Phoenix is an umbrella of light that can facilitate fresh ideas and help focus on new and existing business or creative endeavours that are sitting in the dark waiting to take root and grow! We bring businesses together to help promote each other and gather forces to become stronger! Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes are all an established business needs to create a bigger buzz and we can all be those eyes. We bring an audience to new music and promotional opportunities to Musicians including Bands on Tour! 

Like the Phoenix we are regenerating, growing and evolving into something new daily, as we work with new opportunities the Universe provides and to the needs of our Community. Subscription to our website has now raised enough funds to rebuild and redesign the bespoke website that will meet our expanding networks promotional needs. We plan to make Phoenix the place to go to be entertained, Inspired, informed, network and to purchase! All very exciting and thank you to all that believe in "Where there is good there is magic"!  It is through your subscriptions that you can help us make this happen, so please invite other good people to join our positive directory.

So keep believing and encourage others to  sign up or Donate so we can support and promote you #Phoenixvibe 

Follow us on Twitter and FACEBOOK is our community interest website for all to join and enjoy!

We have Phoenix Blog Stars from all backgrounds keeping us enlightened, entertained and involved in all local matters and events! From foodies  to Independent drink producers, authors, musicians, charity organisations... and the list grows as we do!

So if you would like to join or follow us then please do and click one of our links!

We look forward to doing business with you!

Managing director

Lucinda Ackland